Allback Wax

Soft wax for wood (equivalent of oil-wax)

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Natural and colored wax:

Allback wax is a mixtture of rafined linseed oil and beeswax with a constystency of thick paste.

Color waxes contains also mineral pigments. 

They do not contain solvents, perservatives etc. 


Usage :

Allback wax can be used on wood, concrete, brick and PVC.

Ideal for protection of:

  • wooden furniture (home and garden)
  • area
  • doors (internal and  external)
  • paneling
  • tops

It can be put on raw or oiled wood. Suitable for both domestic and exotic wood.


Apply with a sponge or cloth rubbing along the grain. The wax should penetrate the surface for about 15 - 20 minutes, after this time, the excess of the wax should be wiped down very carefully.

Although the wax is dry to touch after a few hours, the surface is fully protected only after a few weeks.

It is necessary to act carefully with the waxed surface for the first week (do not scrub with sharp objects, do not pour liquids, etc.)



woskowanie na białoherb box waxed white



around 25-40m2 from 1 liter (depnding from the wood quality and species)

For exterior use, it's adviced to put two layers of wax applied some days apart.



  •  Different effects can be achieved depending on the absorbency of the wood and the previously used products.
  • Sanded surfaces will absorb more wax than polished and will stain stronger. Make a test before you start the proper waxing.
  •  If necessary, the colored wax can be mixed with natural (transparent) wax to obtain a product with a less intense color. All wax colors can be mixed together to create a new color.
  •  Drying time may be longer for knots depending on the resin content in the knot and the layer thickness of the wax. For this reason, a thin layer should be applied, and all excess wax should be wiped off.



Wax gives a hydrophobic, silky matt surface, that can be cleaned by water with linseed soap.

In case of damaged surface,it can be fastly fixed by re-waxing.


woskowanie podłogi

floor waxing

Manuals for waxing floor:

• Wash the floor with water with inseed soap and dry (ex. by taking remaining water with vacuum). Even the recentry polished floor should be washed! 

• Let to dry. Whipe off with 180 grit sandpaper. Vacuum the floor.  

• Apply the wax with a wide sponge, working along the wood fibers on several boards at once. Leave the wax for about 15-20 minutes to absorb. After this time, wipe off any excess wax with a towel or absorbent cloth. 

• Waxing is finished. You can walk and touch the surface. Eventual shoes print whipe off while leaving the room. 

Leaving too thick layer of wax will cause sticky surface with uneven gloss and will prolong drying time. 



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