Boiled linseed oil for floors (FBLO)

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linseed oil with natural resin for preserving floor wood

Floor oil mills are a traditional method of protecting wood indoors. The oil soaks deep into the wood, creating a protective coating and emphasizing its structure.

This technology makes it possible to protect the wood with one layer.


Application: Suitable for indoor use for all types of wooden surfaces - saunas, walls, ceilings, railings, etc. for renovation - doors, stairs, windows, furniture, etc.


Surface requirements: If the surface is coated with chemicals, the original coating must be removed before using PAINT ECO. The wood must be clean, dry, free from resin residues and dust. Cracks and defects must be filled before using the product.


Planed wood ≈ 12-15 sq.m. / 1 L.

Hardwood ≈ 36 sq.m. / 1 L.

The values ​​given are indicative. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to carry out a test to calculate the exact performance.


Application: boiled linseed oil can be easily applied with a brush or velour roller. Work with small surfaces. To ensure a high-quality finish, apply 2-3 thin layers, depending on the absorbent properties of wood. Each layer should soak for about 20 minutes, after which excess oil should be wiped off and the surface polished. If the floor was previously colored, the final oiling should take place after about 72 hours. Surfaces protected with PAINT ECO oil can be conserved with any product from the PAINT ECO range.

Warning! The surface needs to dry 36 hours. Handle the floor carefully for the first 4 weeks and do not wash with a wet mop.

Cleaning of tools: Tools can be cleaned with natural turpentine or warm soapy water.

WARNING! Materials impregnated with cooked linseed oil are exposed to spontaneous combustion! Immediately after use, paper towels or rags must be burned or soaked in water and discarded. Packaging can be treated as household waste and recycled. The original, factory sealed packaging can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The unused product should be stored in a closed container.