Boiled Linseed Oil

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  • Manufacturer: Allbäck Linoljeprodukter AB
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Oil produced from Swedish linseed, natural wood impregnat 

Do you like wood and you do not want it destroyed quickly? Do you want to impregnate a brick or concrete? 


Allback oil comes from a small family manufactory in Sweden. It is cold-pressed, filtered and deprived of protein, so its drying time is shorter than other traditionally used linseed oils and varnishes.
Linseed oil is so-called
drying oil, which means that it hardens by reaction with atmospheric oxygen.

Usage:: maintenance of wooden surfaces.

Drying time: boiled oil has shorter drying time than raw oil.

It must be remembered that
although the surface is dry after a few hours, it takes a few days to fully

Efficiency: depends on the humidity of the wood and its hardness

Durability: can be stored for many years without losing its properties.

The temperature of painting and drying should be between 15°C and 25°C. Low temperature and high humidity prolong drying time.

Allback oil does not contain solvents, fungicides, dyes, etc.

As a result, it is not only safer for the environment, but also creates more durable coatings than most flax varnishes on the market. 


Natural wood impregnation

Linseed oil deeply penetrates the wood, simultaneously strengthening its structure and emphasizing the drawing of the wood grain.
It perfectly protects against
adverse weather conditions, reduces cracking of wood and settling dirt on a
wooden surface.
It can be used for domestic and exotic wood.


Sufit drewniany olejowany

Picture above: oiling of a wooden ceiling. 

Left - wood prepared to oil; right - oiled wood.


Coloring and conservation in one step:

If needed, Allback Linseed Oli Paint can be added to obtain coloured oil (the quantity depends on expected color intensity).


barwienie oleju

Picture above: oil stain made by mixing oil and paint


How often should oiling be repeated?

Oiling should be repeated every few months. Judging the need of recoating the surface helps "water drop test". If water shows as small drops, wood is still being protected. If drops spill easily, it's a sign to repeat oiling.


olejowane drewno

Picture above: water drop test on oiled wood


NOTE: oil can be used on previously pressure water-thinning materials impregnated surfaces Oil protects washing off impregnats, additionally emphasizing color and graining.