Byta-yta Paint

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Swedish paint for furniture and interior styling.



Delicate, creamy water-oil emulsion with wax, fully covering the surface.



For styling and renovating furniture, decorations, painting interior walls. 
Paints can be used both on absorbent and smooth surfaces. 


Knots in raw wood should be secured before painting ex. by shellac dissolved in alcohol. 


Purified linseed oil, chalk, cellulose glue, manganese siccative, manganese dioxide, natural mineral pigments, water.

Environment protection:

The products are dissolvent, conversant and plasticizers free. Packages are recyclable (jar - glass, lid - metal, pail - plastic).



For even better protection of the environment, you can wash tools (brushes, rollers) in a bucket or bowl with water. After washing, when the remnants of paint fall to the bottom, the water can be drained into the sewerage system, and the paint can be thrown into the trash.

How to use:

Put 2-3 layers of paint. If needed, paint can be thinned with water. 

The painted surface is dry for the touch after around 2 hours. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before waxing (when painting walls 24 hours after the first layer to apply the next coat of paint).

Once finished, put a very thin layer of water in the paint jar and close the lid.



Tips for painting the walls:

On very absorbing surfaces (i.e freshly put gypsum plaster) paint can become very "chalky" after first layer. To prevent that, you can use painting ground.

When painting with a roller, choose one that has rounded edges and is not too dense. Rolls with straight edges often leave streaks.

The paint can be diluted with water to obtain a smoother surface. Try on a small surface to check what paint consistency gives the best results.

If there are streaks or spots with a clearly thicker layer of paint, wipe the surface with sandpaper and paint again with a thin layer.

First, paint all the edges and corners of the walls with a small brush, then paint the remaining surface with a roller.

Between painting individual layers, wash and dry brush or roller. By using a wet roller, you squeeze the water out of it, which may cause lighter patches.

In the case of painting vinyl wallpapers, walls covered with latex paint, etc., the drying time of the first layer may be longer due to low absorbability of the substrate.



In undamaged packaging it has unlimited durability.

Paint consumption:

around 10 m2/liter


Paint available in 125 ml, 330 ml and 1 liter containers.

The availability of packages of individual colors with the required volume can be checked by setting the appropriate values in the selection boxes.


Surface protection:

Painted walls do not require additional protection. In places particularly exposed to dirt or wiping the surface (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) it is worth using a medium with wax during painting.

Furniture and decorations should be protected with wax after the paint has dried. We recommend Byta-yta finishing wax with increased durability.


How to make a putty out of paint?

You can fill the gaps and irregularities with paint mixed with pumice powder. In this case, apply a paint that has not been diluted with water and mix it thoroughly with the powder. Apply and leave to dry completely, then sand the surface and paint with two layers of paint.


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jesienne dekoracje

Board - ocher, moss

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Suitcase - black



casket - petrol



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