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Coloring wood wax

A mixture of natural cooked linseed oil, beeswax, natural turpentine and rosin creating unique protection against decomposition and moisture of various types of wooden surfaces. Waxed surfaces gain gloss. The technology allows you to protect the surface with one layer.


Application: inside - for wooden floors, furniture, toys and other wooden surfaces. For renovation works.

Efficency: ≈ ​​20 sq m / 1 kg

The values ​​given are indicative. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to carry out a test to calculate the exact performance.


Application: wax is easiest to apply with a thin layer of sponge or cloth and leave to absorb. After about 1 hour Polish too machine or manually. The total drying time is 24h, so for best results, it is not recommended to use a waxed surface (e.g. floor) for the first 24 hours. Wax can be used on previously stained or painted with PAINT ECO paint surfaces after two weeks. Do not wash the waxed surface with strong detergents. PAINT ECO protected surfaces can be treated with any of the PAINT ECO products.


Cleaning of tools: Tools can be cleaned with natural turpentine or warm soapy water.

WARNING! Materials impregnated with cooked linseed oil are exposed to spontaneous combustion! Immediately after use, paper towels or rags must be burned or soaked in water and discarded. Packaging can be treated as household waste and recycled. The original, factory sealed packaging can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The unused product should be stored in a closed container. For more information on products and methods of use, please visit: