Grunne whitening linseed soap

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Swedish linseed soap with the white pigment.

Grunne whitening soap is made from linseed oil and white pigment. It is used to lighten wood such as ash, bitch, pine and spruce (other types of wood have tendencies to discolor).

It dissolves dirt and stains even in cold water.


What can be scrubbed and brushed with the white pigmented linseed soap?

  • wooden, stone, or concrete floor,
  • kitchen worktops and tables,
  • terrace decks,
  • garden furniture.

Can all wooden floors be scrubbed?

In the past, wood floors were not coated with varnish or special hard waxes like today's floors. They were painted with oil paint, oiled, waxed or left unprotected, bleached with lye or soap when necessary. Repeated scrubbing several times a year not only got rid of dirt but also gently smoothed the wood and filled the whole house with the smell of freshness. Each scrubbing additionally impregnated the floor because the residues of the soap and the oil it contained were rubbed deep into the pores of the wood during the scrubbing. After a few years, the floor became dirty much more slowly and the wood began to have an interesting brushed texture.

If you prefer an environmentally friendly lifestyle and don't want to varnish your floorboards, try the traditional method and scrub the boards with Grunne soap. The small amount of white pigment in the soap additionally lightens the wood.


Whitening Linseed Soap floor scrubbing step by step:

  1. Before scrubbing, vacuum the wooden floor thoroughly.
  2. Wipe down with a rag or mop dampened with clean, cold water, preferably several boards at a time.
  3. In a clean bucket, mix 200-300 ml of soap with about 10 l of water (proportions for scrubbing a normally soiled wooden floor). On a very dry wooden floor, take double the amount of soap.
  4. Scrub the boards with a rice brush on a stick in a longitudinal direction, a few boards at a time.
  5. For a heavily soiled floor, apply concentrated soap directly to the wet brush. Never apply soap directly to dry wood - this can cause staining.
  6. Rinse/wipe with a mop or rag with cold water.
  7. Dry the floor with a clean cloth. If you feel the floor is still soapy repeat the water rinse and dry.


ATTENTION: Always use cold or slightly lukewarm water! Hot water will make the floor grey! 


How to scrub a new wooden floor?

The wood quality is key to maintaining the beauty of your floor, so choose wood with good quality, properly dried, and spotless. If, after wetting the boards with water, you can feel the fibers standing up, wait for the floor to dry and carefully sand it with 120-320 grit sandpaper (always in the direction of the wood fibers!). Dust and scrub the floor as instructed above. For new floors, it is a good idea to scrub the floor several times before using the room. Over time, the floor will acquire a beautiful patina, becoming satin matt, silky smooth, light in color, with a visible grain of the wood.

The effect can be accelerated if you take double the amount of soap, i.e. 500 ml of soap for 10 l of water.


How often the floor need to be brushed with the pigmented soap?

Use as needed when you see the floor is very dirty (two or three times a year). In between scrubbing, vacuum, and wet-wipe from time to time. After few years the floor only needs to be scrubbed once a year.


Note: the whitening effect is subtle, if you need stronger whitening choose a white wax or oil-based stain.


Available in: 1 liter, and 2,5 liter.

Containers are made of plastic – be eco and put them in the appropriate bin after emptying, so they can be recycled.

Te soap is ecological, efficient, biodegradable, and handmade.




None of Grunne products are tested on animals nor is it of animal origin!

The company is using only natural and eco-friendly compounds.



Did you know that scrubbing the floor with linseed soap and cold water used to be the most common way of wooden floor preservation since the beginning of the last century?



szorowanie podłogi

podłoga wybielana


Pigmented soap can be used to clean oiled floors. 


If you want a quicker whitening effect on your new floor, you can use lye first (see the manufacturer's recommendations for the leaching agent) and use linseed soap for further maintenance.