Grunne Traditional Linseed Soap

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Swedish Linseed Soap - a traditional way of cleaning

Grunne Soap made from linseed oil is extremely effective and perfectly cleans even very greasy surfaces.


The Soap doesn’t contain artificial colorants nor preservatives. It replaces most detergents and chemical cleaners and is a really good alternative for the environment.


Linseed oil Soap is used for i.e:

  • Cleaning ovens, grills, stoves,  
  • Scrubbing floors and worktops made of stone, wood, ceramic, stainless steel etc.
  • Cleaning terraces and balconies,
  • Removing stains,
  • Hand and machine washing,
  • Car washing.


For standard cleaning: Dissolve around 100 -200 ml in 10 liters of cold water.

Scrubbing the floor or terrace: Dissolve 1 liter in 10 liters of cold water.

Stain removal: apply undiluted soap directly on the stain. Rinse after a couple of minutes or wash in the washing machine.


Available in:  0,5-liter, 1 liter, 2,5 liter and 5 liters.

A glass bottle of 0,5 liter with the pump can be refilled with desired linseed oil-based soaps.

Larger containers are made of plastic – be eco and put them in the appropriate bin after emptying, so they can be recycled.

The soap is ecological, efficient and biodegradable. Handmade.


None of Grunne's products are tested on animals and are not of animal origin.

The company uses only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.