Grunne liquid soap with pinetree scent

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Swedish liquid soap with pine scent

Indulge yourself in a little luxury!  

Feel like you are walking through a pine forest, surrounded by the aroma of cones opening in the sun.


Grunne liquid soap is made of refined coconut oil and is naturally preserved with sea salt.

It contains only a few and well-tested natural ingredients. No surfactants have been added for either preservation or clarification. 

The scent is pure and natural as it comes from essential oils and not synthetic perfumes.


Availability in 0,5-liter containers.

The packaging is made of plastic (PET) in a dark color to protect the contents - be eco-friendly, after emptying throw them in the appropriate bin, so they can be recycled or refill with our other soaps.


The soap is ecological, efficient and biodegradable. Handmade.




None of Grunne's products are tested on animals and are not of animal origin.

The company uses only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.