Medium with wax

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paint with wax base 

Basic usage:

The medium can be added directly to the paint to create a more durable and resistant surface, ex. when painting walls in the kitchen, bathroom or hall, painting wainscot etc.

Adding the medium does not significantly change the color or appearance of the paint. It can be added up to 50% of the paint volume, but about 25% is enough to achieve a noticeable change in properties.

The medium is easily mixed with the paint, you can dilute the mix with water if necessary, to obtain the desired consistency. The drying time of the paint with the medium may be slightly longer as it contains more binder.


Other usge:

Medium can be used for final protection of painted surface: apply medium with brush or roller and let it soak inside the paint for around 10 minutes. After that time, wipe off excess preparation by piece of cloth or sponge. The surface should be dry after rubbing.

After applying this treatment, the surface slightly darkens. Once dry, it can become slightly uneven in gloss, which has its own charm.

Note: applying too much medium without careful wiping (after soaking for the time mentioned above) may give a sticky surface!


Interesting effect:

Paint the surface with the original paint and let it dry.

Mix the paint with the medium (50%) and paint the last layer with this mixture.

Wipe the paint with a cloth immediately after painting. The surface will become silky.

You can also use two colors of the paint.



Linseed oil, cellulose glue, bee wax, siccative.