Oilwax for furniture

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hard oil wax for wooden surfaces

Oilwax - combines advantages of oil and wax


The Oilwax is a mixture of linseed oil and hard wax. The role of the oil is to penetrate the pores of the wood and protect it from the inside, while the goal of wax is create a thin film on the surface. This way, the wood is well protected and doesn't loose it's natural look.

  • prevents the ingress of moisture and dirt,
  • deepens the color and emphasizes the wood structure,
  • easy application and further maintenance,
  • for domestic and exotic wood species,
  • surface damages can be repaired locally,
  • suitable for all rooms,
  • surface doesn't electrify (therefore does not attract dust)

Note: even the hardest wax won't be as hard as varnish, therefore will wear down in most used places. After approx. 5 years of usage, the surface will need renovation. 


The Green Barn Paints Oilwax is available as transparent or stained. Both versions gives silk effect after polishing.


Note: Depending on the wood type, degree of sanding, application method and amount of layers, different color effect can be obtained. We advice to perform a preliminary staining test. 


Only on raw wood

Oil can not be applied on surfaces previously varnished, painted or protected by film-creating preparations. The product must be able to freely soak into pores, otherwise it will not do its job. 



Suitable for indoor use for various types of wooden surfaces - floors, stairs, railings, doors, etc.  


Surface preparation:

If the surface is covered with chemicals, the original coating must be removed. The wood should be clean, dry, free from resin residues and grinding / scraping dust.

Pre-sanding with 120 (floor) or 180 (furniture) gradations.



Using a brush or roller, grinding along the wood grain.

The oil should be mixed well before use and from time to time the product should be stirred during oiling. Use at room temperature and relative humidity of 50-60%. Low temperature, high humidity or lack of adequate ventilation delay drying. Excess product should be wiped off. For the best results, we recommend using a minimum of 2 layers. The next coat should be applied only after the previous one has dried (about 24 hours). Before applying the last layer, sand the surface with mesh or 120 grit paper. After the last layer has dried completely, polish the surface to give it a delicate gloss and harden the surface.


Efficiency: around 12-15 m2 / liter

The values ​​given are indicative. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to carry out a test to calculate the exact performance. .


Tools cleaning:

Tools should be cleaned with natural turpentine or warm water with soap.


Care of floor and furniture covered with oilwax:

Ongoing care consists of regular sweeping or vacuuming and cleaning with a damp (not wet!) cloth or mop. Aggressive detergents can damage the wax coating, so it is recommended to use linseed soap dissolved in water for cleaning oiled floors and furniture.

If needed, repeat the oilwax application.


NOTE! Cloths soaked in linseed oil are exposed to spontaneous combustion! All used paper towels and rugs needs to be immediately burned or soaked in water and discarded! Packaging can be treated as household waste and recycled. The original, factory sealed packaging can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The unused product should be stored in a closed container.