PaintEco oli paint

Traditional linseed oil based paint 

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The natural paint is based on Boiled Linseed Oil, high quality natural mineral pigments and a binder with zero VOC emission. The
product penetrates deep into the wood and completely covers its structure.
With high resistance to abrasion, it protects against environmental
effects (like UV radiation, humidity, etc.). The technology allows coloring of wood and its protection beginning with one layer. 



Cover interior and exterior wood surfaces, including furniture, toys etc.; for renovation work. Paint is also suitable for painting plaster, concrete, bricks and metal.

Surface preparation:

If the surface was painted with chemical products, they need to be removed before using PAINT ECO. The
surface must be clean, dry and free from resin residues or dust. Cracks
and unevenness should be filled before using the product. For
outdoor use, it is recommended to use a water-based biocidal solution. 



sawn timber ≈ 4-7 sq.m./1 L
Planed wood ≈ 12-15 sq.m./ 1L
hard wood ≈ 36 sq.m./ 1L

The given values are approximate. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to run a test to calculate the exact performance.


The paint can easily be applied with a brush or roller. For the best results, apply thin layers. Do not use on surfaces on direct sunlight disposal and mix well before use. The drying time of each layer is 24 hours. Recommended temperature range during painting: + 10C0 - + 25C0. Lower temperature, wet wood and high humidity lengthens the drying time. Surfaces protected with PAINT ECO paint can be preserved with any product from the PAINT ECO range.


Tools cleaning:

Tools can be cleaned with natural turpentine or warm water with soap.


NOTE! Materials soaked in boiled linseed oil are exposed to self-ignition! Immediately after use, paper towels or rags must be burnt or soaked in water and discarded. Packaging can be treated as household waste and recycled. The original, factory-sealed packaging can be stored for 3 years from the date of production. The unused product should be stored in a closed package.

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