Sellac Primer

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primer - an aqueous insulating undercoat, protecting against stains

Completely natural, non-alcoholic, environmentally friendly primer based on shellac and borax.

A breakthrough in ecological painting methods. Without volatile organic compounds (0 VOC) and solvents.

Particularly useful on porous surfaces: plasterboards, plaster and wood. It creates an effective barrier against mold spores and moisture. It can be used both as primer for Linus and Byta-yta interior linseed paints, and for exterior Allback paints.


Do you have a stubborn stain on your wall?

Are you painting, but the stain comes up again? Cover it with 1 or 2 layers of Allback Primer. After it’s dry, apply paint normally. In the same way, you can get rid of stains, yellowing caused by cigarette smoke etc. You have eliminated the cause of mold, but small black dots are still visible? Primer will help also in this case!

Does your basement smell bad?

Primer Allback can be used as a protection against molding and moisture of the walls in your basement. Apply 1 or 2 layers of Primer and get rid of that musty smell! Primed walls and ceilings can be easily painted with any kind of paint.

Are you painting wood white, but it yellows?

Wood contains natural colorants, that can be a bane for fans of whitened furniture and floors. Yellow spots or yellowing of entire applied product is not a pleasant surprise. In that situation you should lightly sand the stained surface, protect it with 1-3 layers of Primer. After it’s dry, apply wax, whitening oil or paint.


Do you need putty?

Primer mixed with chalk creates a quick drying filler (putty), which is not shrinking while drying and san be easily sanded and painted over. It’s useful for wet grinding, especially hard surfaces.

Quick drying filler/putty:
Combine painting chalk with Primer until thick but brushable consistency.

Apply on cavities and let dry for around 30 minutes. (Note: hot air drying shortens drying time to just 2 minutes!)

Putty can be sanded dry or wet and it hardens without creating cracks. It can be used for both wood and walls.