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matt, covering chalk paint for walls and furniture

High quality paint based on minerals and only natural, mineral pigments.

Ready to use, fully ecological, without solvents and artificial additives, resistant to light, evenly covering, breathable, non-flammable, antiallergic, water-dilutable, odorless and durable.
Gloss level: full mat.



Amazon chalk paint can be used on walls, plasters, drywall, wallpaper, MDF, metal, wood, concrete, plastics, etc.
It can be applied by roller, brush or spray.
Gives a matte surface finish.

Furniture painting:


Amazon chalk paint is ideally suited for decorative techniques using chalk wax or colored waxes to protect the surface.

By diluting with water, you can transform the paint into a glaze.

Painted surfaces can be protected with Amazon Ecofinish or wax.

Wooden, metal, glass and ceramic surfaces should be cleaned with Amazon Ecoclean before painting.



Wall painting:

Amazon is an excellent because it is a completely ecological alternative to popular acrylic and latex paints. Its mineral, silicate-based base gives it an advantage over its competitors:
  • it is permeable to water vapor
  • has an alkaline reaction, which makes it resistant to fungi, molds etc.
  • easy to clean if dirty
  • non-flammable
  • allows you to enjoy the selected color for many years (does not fade or yellow)