Wax Byta-yta

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Wax for all absorbent surfaces

Efficient and highly pigmented!

Linseed oil, beeswax and carnauba-based wax.

Without solvents!

Colored with natural pigments.


wosk petrol


Can be used for all absorbent surfaces (wood, concrete, paper, glass, gypsum etc.) 
Wood surfaces with visible signs of glue and filling should be painted with covering paint (ex. Byta-yta).

Transparent wax protects natural color of the wood or paint, colored waxes allow to create artistic effects and color overlapping.


woski bytayta


We recommend it especially for furniture and decorations exhibited outside. 


How to use:

Apply wax by a sponge, rubbing along the grains. 

After 10 minutes, take off the excess wax with clean and dry cloth.

Let it dry. If needed, waxing can be repeated.

Polishing after drying allow to obtain smooth and satin surface.



Drying time is around 24 hours, but full hardening of product takes few weeks.

NOTE: choose the color of the wax on the list next to price list!

If certain color doesn't appear, we do not have it in stock.