Wood patinating oil

Oil to preserve and create "patina" effect on wood

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Wood patination - fast and easy


Nowadays, furniture and decorations made of rustic or aged wood are very fashionable. Aging oil allows to quickly and easily achieve the "patina" effect, while preserving wood and enhancing its drawing.

Aging Green Barn Paints oil is a mixture of linseed oil and mineral, sustainable pigments. It does not contain solvents or artificial resins.

Oil conserve wood, making it more resistant to moisture and prevents cracking from humidity changes.


Only on raw wood

The oil should not be used on previously varnished, painted or protected by fill-forming preparations surfaces. The oil must be able to soak into the wood freely. Only this way it will do its job. The wood should be clean and dry.

It can be used to protect any interior wooden surfaces:

  • floor, ceilings, walls, beams
  • wooden furniture
  • crates, flower pots
  • stairs and handrails
  • trays, candlesticks


Surface preparation:

Sand the wood smoothly and, if wanted, remove any large surface defects (smaller cracks, depressions, etc. add credibility to the aged surface).

If you want to use the product on brushed wood, remember to smooth the structure left by a steel or copper brush with a nylon brush (hard brushes leave behind small pieces of wood). Wiping with fine-grained sandpaper on a sponge or steel wool should remove wood particles and filings from the grooves and cavities.


Product application:

Apply oil in portions, trying to rub it evenly into the wood. The pigment in the oil will darken the wood in some places more, in others less - it's natural. Some species of wood (e.g. pine) have more softwood that absorbs the pigment heavily and therefore stain more than hard species.

Wait about 20 minutes, then wipe the surface with a soft cloth or paper to remove any excess oil.

One layer of oil is enough to give a rustic look. Applying a second layer will slightly darken the first one.

To obtain additional protection, after 24 hours, a layer of non-colored linseed oil can be applied.


Drying time

The wood will by dry to the touch after several hours, however the process of hardening takes much longer.


To dilute or not?

Linseed oil as a carrier for dark pigment is sufficient for efficient and effective application.

If you want to dilute aging oil to get a less rustic effect, use unstained linseed oil.

Light heating helps oil to penetrate the wood better.


Mix before use

During storage, the pigment falls to the bottom. The product should be mixed well before use. Also, during application, stir the oil from time to time in the container.


Appropriate conditions

Make sure that the room temperature is right - at least 10 Celsius degrees.

The wood should be dry and clean. Any possible raids, dirt and dust should be thoroughly washed off before oiling. 


Maintenance frequency

Maintenance is to keep the surface clean - vacuuming, washing with mild agents (e.g. water with linseed soap). If you need to renew the coating, you can reuse aging oil or unstained linseed oil.

Surfaces protected with aging oil may be renewed in the following years with other linseed oil products (wax, paint, stain, etc.)



around 10-12 m2 from 1 liter of oil

Given values are indicative. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to carry out a test to calculate the exact performance.


How to quickly obtain the effect of old wood?


infografika postarzanie

do wnętrz- interior

do mebli drewnianych - for wooden furniture

do zabawek- for toys and furniture for children

zapach oleju- linseed oil smell

na bazie roślin- plant-based

nie zawiera chemii- without artificial raisins

schnie ok 24 godzin- drying time: around 24 hours


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