Finishing wax Byta-yta

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Furniture wax for surface finishing. Increased durability and hardness.

Efficient and powerful!

Toppvax contains linseed oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and talk.

Solvent free!




It can be used on any absorbent surfaces (wood, concrete, paper, gypsum, etc.), waxed or painted with Byta-yta products.
Wooden surfaces with visible traces of gluing and leveling should first be painted with opaque paint (e.g. Byta-yta).

Wax maintains the original color of wood or paint.

Toppvax has a harder consistency than other Byta-yta waxes, can be spread in a thin layer and is more resistant to everyday use.



Apply the wax with a sponge, rubbing along the grain.

Wipe off excess with a dry, clean cloth.

Leave to dry. If necessary, waxing can be repeated after the previous layer has dried.

Polishing allows you to get a smooth and satin surface.





Wax provides a waterproof, satin surface that can be cleaned with a mild cleaner.

After some time, if necessary, apply a new wax layer.