Oil with wood tar

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Oil for exterior wood 

Wood tar is one of the oldest wood preservation products. It was used, among others, to secure boats, bridges and houses as early as the Viking times.

Green Barn Paints pine tar oil is a ready-to-use mixture of linseed oil and wood tar, used to protect wood. The content of wood tar in the product: 20%.


Only on raw wood

The oil should not be used on surfaces previously varnished, painted or protected by film-creating preparations. The oil must be able to soak into the wood freely, otherwise it will not do its job. The wood should be clean and dry.

It can be used to protect any wooden surfaces outside:

  • terraces and verandas
  • bridges
  • pergolas and gazebos
  • fences and balustrades
  • wooden boats
  • tool houses
  • trash bin covers
  • wooden shingles

Surface appearance:

Pine tar tones the wood to a dark brown color, with visible grains, knots, etc. The color effect changes over time. The wood will gradually get brighter. After a few months, the color difference between unpainted and painted wood becomes very subtle.


kolor smoła drzewna

Oiled surface is matte.



The best result is achieved by applying the product with a wide brush. Can be applied by spraying.
Two layers are recommended.


Czas schnięcia

The wood will be dry to the touch after several hours, however, the oil hardens process takes much longer.


Dilute or not?

Linseed oil as a carrier for wood tar is sufficient for efficient and effective application.

If you want to dilute oil with wood tar with turpentine or other solvent, remember that it will evaporate from wood, meaning that part of what you apply will disappear forever. In this case, we recommend applying one layer more than for undiluted oil.
Light heating helps the oil penetrate the wood better.


Mix before use

When storing the oil, the wood tar falls to the bottom. The product should be mixed well before use. Also, during application, stir the oil from time to time in the container.


Appropriate conditions

Make sure the weather is right - it must be at least 10 degrees Celsius. Do not paint on a cloudy, rainy day - humidity prevents oil from penetrating into the wood.

The wood should be dry and clean. Any possible raids, dirt and dust should be thoroughly washed off before oiling.

It is best if the wood has spent several months outside before oiling (is seasoned).

The product can also be used on pressure impregnated wood and thermo-wood.


The frequency of maintenance:

Repeat oiling every 2-3 years. Terraces and highly sunny surfaces require more protection and more frequent maintenance.

Surfaces protected with oil with wood tar can be conserved in the following years with other products based on linseed oil (paint, stain, etc.)



around 10 m2 / liter

The values ​​given are indicative. It should be remembered that the results depend on the type of wood and the method of preparation. It is always recommended to carry out a test to calculate the exact performance.