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Welcome to AgoHome!

We wholesale and retail natural finishing products. 

An ecological lifestyle is not only eating unprocessed food or riding a bike to work, but above all consciously choosing products that we use every day. This also applies to paints, waxes and other preparations used to paint our homes, furniture and decorations. Usually, when choosing paints, we focus on color matching, and forget about checking products for harmful substances.

In the AgoHome offer you will find ecological products containing natural substances. Manufacturers of these paints, waxes, oils and varnishes attach great importance to the entire process of their formation meets high quality standards. We will be pleased to tell you about the properties of individual products and methods of their use, and at the workshops we will show how pleasant and creative their use can be.


Environmentally friendly, ecological or natural?

Contrary to appearances, not every "environmentally friendly" paint is a natural or fully ecological product. Many paints contain synthetic pigments, fungicides and Volatile Organic Compounds (designated as VOCs or VOCs) that can harm people (e.g., cause allergic reactions) and, by emitting into the atmosphere, burden the environment. Manufacturers of water-based paints with low VOC levels and low odor intensity advertise them as organic. They are certainly safe and meet the standards. Isn't 'ecological' an exaggerated word here?

In the description of each of the paints available in AgoHome you will find information about what is in its composition.

Why should you read the label?

From the label, we should learn from it what the paint solvent is, how much time it will dry, how to apply it correctly, and whether its use can be associated with any health risk. Do not ignore the airing warning when painting or the requirement to wear gloves, as solvent-based paints can cause headache or nausea, as well as irritate the skin.

For the sake of your health, we provide the most important product information and labeling on the labels.

Are natural paints just as good as conventional ones?

Of course! They have excellent coverage, beautiful colors and high durability. Some of them dry longer than conventional paints because they do not contain driers or fast evaporating solvents.

In the descriptions of the paints we sell you will find information about their performance and drying time.

Is it true that oil paints are harmful?

It depends on what is in their composition. If these are paints on linseed oil, based fully on old recipes, they contain only natural pigments and do not have chemical additives, they certainly will not hurt anyone. Unfortunately, currently many paints available on the market contain, in addition to oil, synthetic resins and dangerous solvents. Before you decide to buy, check the label or ask the seller.

Allback oil paints that we sell in our store do not contain plasticizers, solvents or other dangerous additives (except for a special paint with the addition of zinc oxide, which can be dangerous to aquatic organisms).