The Cogitago-Michał Kaczurba company is a distributor in Poland:

- Dutch mineral chalk paints and Amazon waxes,

- Swedish, ecological paints based on Allback linseed oil, oils and waxes

- Swedish paints and waxes for furniture and interior design Byta-Yta,

- A wide range of Latvian waxes, oils and PaintEco wood preservatives.

We invite salesmen and professional users who would like to include the products we distribute to their offer or use them every day in their work, as well as people interested in opening their own shop/studio.

All prices shown on our website are retail ones. We have special discounted prices for resellers. You need to register first as a standard user and send us your ID (login) we’ll grant you reseller status and access to discounted prices then.
We are redistributing and reselling 3rd party products imported from different countries as well as manufacturing our own product lines.